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Saturday 8th December 2018 – My Humble Opinion: On Judge Sir Andrew McFarlane’s Guidance/Instructions For Increased Secrecy In Family Courts

I’ve just read this rather disturbing article on the Daily Mail website:


As if things haven’t been bad enough, for long enough, already.

So, it seems that councils, doctors, expert witnesses, social workers, will largely be free to operate, without public scrutiny, or accountability. There’s big money involved too. I recently saw an advert by a local council, to pay social workers £2500 for EACH report they completed (re: fostering/adoption). How many of them are motivated by money?  How many end up being paid vast sums to foster kids, that they, their colleagues, friends, or acquaintances, might have been involved with in the family proceedings? It can be one big gravy train….

Undoubtedly, there is a mixture of good and bad (and various shades in between), in every profession.  But the only winners in this game, where the state-enforced blanket of secrecy shields the very worst in their professions from public oversight, will be the dodgy, unprincipled, and substandard doctors, expert witnesses, social workers, and councils, who will be able to destroy families, and strip people of their rights with near total impunity.

If you want a well paid job, where you can play a role in breaking up family units, carrying out forced adoptions, sectioning people under the mental health act , depriving children, adolescents, and adults of their liberty (needlessly, for the flimsiest of reasons, and totally without merit, in many cases), then a career within the family courts beckons. It would seem that you can be as abusive as you like, as unprincipled as you wish, as unprofessional as you choose. You will be pretty much untouchable.

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Monday 3rd December 2018 – I Travel To Sign 2 x Loose Consent Pages – (not attached to rest of form(s) )

A few weeks ago, my Work Coach “D” had handed me an A4 leaflet, for a local organisation, after I’d asked for help with bus fares to and from the Jobcentre, and for the DWP to provide special orthotic footwear and insoles for me (after enduring years of substandard NHS provision). “D” said the DWP won’t refund bus fares, as I live quite centrally, and I’m expected to walk there and back (approx 1 mile each way). This is despite me explaining my variable foot/knee pain etc.

I subsequently contacted various departments within that local organisation.

Last week, on Wednesday 28th November 2018, I met with 2 x women “J” & “L” from that local organisation, in a cafe, which had been prearranged by mutual agreement in advance.  “J” had lost her voice (temporarily), so “L” was the one asking the questions, and completing the form(s), which consisted of several loose A4 sheets.  There was a lot to talk about, and the meeting lasted quite a while. Towards the end of the meeting, I asked if I could take the loose A4 sheets of the form(s) that “L” had been filling in back home, so that I could digest them thoroughly, and take a photocopy for my own records. “L” wandered off to phone someone, as nobody had ever asked to do this before apparently.  Then “L” sat back down and said she was waiting for a response to my request. A short while later, “P” appeared (Team Leader), and he said that due to data protection, they couldn’t allow me to take home the loose-leaved completed form, because if I lost it, they would get into trouble. I offered to write them a quick note, accepting full responsibility for the paperwork, but he was adamant that I WOULD NOT  be allowed to take the paperwork home to digest, sign and copy.  So instead, “L” handed me a blank spare copy of the loose-leaved form to digest at home, then I could sign consent page(s) at a later date.

This morning, I caught 2 x buses to their office (as previously agreed), and the woman on the desk in the busy room handed me 2 x consent loose A4 sheets to sign. In one, I was signing to confirm that the details on the form were correct – this would be the loose-leaved A4 form that “L” completed on 28/11/18, and which I haven’t got a copy of. The loose-leaved pages from the previously completed form weren’t attached to the 2 x consent pages, which is a concern.   I later wished I’d have been more assertive, and asked them to staple the rest of the form together prior to signing it, (a time to kick myself – metaphorically).  I signed another – seemingly more straightforward consent page (to do with Lottery & EU funding) too.


I then caught a bus to the Jobcentre, and had to wait ages to use the only computer attached to the printer, before doing my own job searching and printing etc. Then later catching 2 x buses back home.

EDIT:  On Thursday 6th December 2018, I sent an email to that organisation, requesting a pdf of the complete form(s), as I’d only being given the 2 x loose A4 consent pages to sign on Monday 3rd December 2018, which were not attached to the rest of the form(s). The Team Leader phoned me soon after, and agreed to send me the complete form as a pdf (within the next few days). I’m happier now.

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