My Claim For A Judicial Review Has Been Issued (re: Child Benefit 2nd Claim)

The Royal Courts of Justice have issued my claim for a Judicial Review, for my 2nd ChB claim.  [I’ll write more when I have chance…..]

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Monday 20th November 2017 – Child Maintenance Service Prove To Be As Useless As Child Support Agency!

After checking to see whether my Ex has actually paid the £25 in arrears he was meant to stump up on 1st November 2017, (he’d failed to pay), I had to phone the Child Maintenance Service, yet again…..

I spoke to “J”.   “J” explained that my Ex had phoned CMS on 7th Nov 2017, and said that he wasn’t happy to pay the £25 per month via the Voluntary Standing Order that he himself had agreed to on 24th Oct 2017!  He said he’d felt that he’d been misled. He actually wanted to pay by paperless Direct Debit, so that he didn’t have to keep interacting with the CMS.

After bending to my Ex’s will, and typically failing to consider my feelings, “J” at the CMS agreed to my Ex setting up a Direct Debit. Naturally, the date will be pushed back yet again. This one is due to start for £25 per month on 1st January 2018.

My Ex has a high-powered job. He travels all over the world, pricing up contracts, and lives in a nice house. Yet the CMS are allowing him to pay off the arrears he owes me at the rate of just £25 per month, assuming he actually bothers to pay.

If he doesn’t pay on 1st Jan 2018, “M” said he’ll be sent a warning letter, then, if necessary, they might consider a Deduction of Earnings Order, which could result in a further delay of 3 months to collect the first payment.  So my Ex can drag this out indefinitely,  he’s already owed me arrears since 2013, now the CMS is letting him drag it out for a further 2 to 3 years.

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Wednesday 15th November 2017 – Royal Courts of Justice Return a “Certificate of Service” That I’d Sent Them Last Week! (re: JR ChB 1st)

The postman delivered my mail at approx 1:28pm this afternoon. One of the items was a letter dated the 13th of November 2017 from the Royal Courts of Justice, Administrative Court Office. In the letter, “FB” wrote:

“We have received your Certificate of service (N215) on the 10/11/17.   We are unable to process your N215, as you have not served all the parties who are listed on your Judicial Review claim form…..”

The Certificate of service (N215) that I’d completed, to confirm I’d served the Upper Tribunal, had been enclosed with the letter!

I served all of the 3 x parties  (Defendant (Upper Tribunal) & 2 x Interested Parties) on 9th Nov 2017.   I then completed 3 x Certificates of Service, and sent each one separately via Royal Mail’s 1st class “Signed For” service, also on 9/11/17. They were received by the RC of J on 10/11/17, each one was individually signed for, and I could see that on Royal Mail’s “track & trace” facility.

Horrified, I phoned the Royal Courts of Justice on 0207 947 6655,  where “J” said I should have either sent the 3 x Certificates of Service in the same envelope, or, squeezed the details of the 3 x parties I’d served onto just 1 Certificate of Service!   I lamented that this wasn’t specified on the form, and I confirmed that the RC of J had received all 3 x Certificates of Service N215 on 10/11/17, (separately).   “J” said the other 2 x Certificates of Service are probably going to be sent back to me too, as they need to receive the 3 x Certificates of Service together.  “J” said I need to get these sent in ASAP. I asked her to put a note on their “system”, about this conversation.

So I’ve printed off some new Certificates of Service, I will post these off tomorrow.

I have also emailed them a Complaint.

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Wednesday 15th November 2017 – Large Split/Open-ended Polythene Envelope Delivered To Me, From HMCTS (re: CSA Maintenance Appeal Bundles)

The other item that I received in today’s post wouldn’t fit through the letterbox, so the postman had to knock the door, and hand it to me personally. I didn’t notice until a minute or so later, as I tilted up the weighty package ready to open, that one end of it was completely split/open!

The bundles bore the date of 7th Nov 2017. There was a 1st class Royal Mail sticker on the polythene envelope (which also bore other scars).  I received it today.

The Appeal bundles constitute of a pile of A4 paperwork, 5 and a half centimetres (or 2 inches) high.

If I hadn’t been in my pyjamas, I’d have called up the street to the postman. Next time, pyjamas or not, I’ll try to remember to inspect envelope, before accepting it.

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My Claim For A Judicial Review Has Been Issued (re: Child Benefit 1st Claim)

I woke up, early as usual.  Ablutions, then donned a fresh pair of pyjamas for today.

I continued with my work on a 2nd Judicial Review that I’m planning to apply for (in respect of a 2nd ChB claim, pertaining to a different period to the 1st ChB Claim/JR).

However, at lunchtime the postman pushed a large envelope through my letterbox, it only just squeezed through!  It was a large brown envelope, that had split as it progressed through the Mail system, and Royal Mail had then encased it in a clear plastic bag which bears the words: “Our sincere apologies……”

I opened it up, and discovered that the large brown envelope contained sealed copies of my claim for a Judicial Review (ChB 1st claim).

There were approx 200 sheets of A4 paper in one brown envelope, which clearly wasn’t suitable for the rigours of the postal delivery system.

It has been sent ordinary 1st class.  The 3 x sealed copies accompanied a cover letter which was dated the 6th of November 2017.  Assuming it was posted on the 6th of November 2017, it took 3 days to reach me.

Yet, according to the online instructions/guidance on how to serve a sealed copy of a claim, it’s “served” two working days after sending an item via 1st class!

The letter stated that I must serve the Defendent (Upper Tribunal) and Interested Parties (HMRC) & (My ex) within 7 days of the date of the letter.

Well, as the letter is dated the 6th of November 2017, and it’s taken 3 days to get to me (which is quicker than a lot of letters that HMCTS Birmingham send me), that means that they must be served by the 13th November 2017.

To consider the 3 x sealed copies as served, I can send them 1st class, and they’ll be treated as served after two working days. [There are other methods of serving, but realistically, I have to send via Royal mail]. To get them served within the 7 day limit, it means I must post them today, so that they will be considered served on 13th November 2017.

So I had to change out of my pyjamas, and don more suitable attire for this urgent, unplanned trip to the post office. After addressing 3 x envelopes/packages for the Defendant and Interested Parties, and sealing them far more securely than the RC of J do, I headed out…..

I think it’s ridiculous that an item can be served via ordinary post, without any proof. So just to be on the safe side, I obtained a Certificate of Posting at the Post Office, for each sealed claim I was serving.

I then went straight back home, and gladly changed back into my pyjamas.

I then noticed that a Certificate Of Service must be lodged with the Court (RC of J), also within the 7 day deadline.

Damn.  This means I’ve got to go out again!

So after I’d printed off 3 x copies of the Certificate of Service, I completed each one, and attached a photocopy of each Certificate of Posting that I’d obtained when I’d earlier served the 3 x sealed claims.

I changed out of my pyjamas again, and headed off to the post office once more.  I sent each completed Certificate of Service in a different envelope to the Royal Courts of Justice, this time via 1st Class Signed For service. Then I headed back home, and straight back into my pyjamas.

If I hadn’t been at home when the package from the Royal Courts of Justice came at lunchtime today, I wouldn’t have been able to get these 3 x sealed claims served within the deadline!  Why is it a 7 day deadline?

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Tuesday 31st October 2017 – I Send My Request For A Judicial Review To Royal Courts Of Justice (re: Child Benefit 1st Claim)

I’m just throwing up a quick post, as I haven’t posted anything on here since the 2nd of September 2017. I’ve been focusing my energies on actively job hunting, and Tribunal issues. I’ve got so much to post on here when I get the chance, and will fill in the gaps when I can.

After losing my Child Benefit Appeal (1st claim) again on the 24th April 2017, (second time around), I again further appealed to the Upper Tribunal Office, and again lost.

When an appellant (me) has no legal help or expertise to draw upon, it is so incredibly difficult to try to formulate an effective argument, when I have to convince the Upper Tribunal that the First Tier Tribunal erred in law.  It has been pointed out to me, that it isn’t about arguing over the facts of the case.

So, this is the legal matter that has preoccupied me for the last month.   The DECISION NOTICE  from the Upper Tribunal listed 2 possible routes for me to pursue:

  1.  Apply to SET ASIDE the Upper Tribunal Decision.
  2.  Apply for a Judicial Review.

I’ve been waiting for Bar Pro Bono to find someone to assist me, since Khalid Mahmood MP referred me to them a year and a half ago.  Periodically, Bar Pro Bono ask me if I still require assistance, I confirm that I do, and they assure me that they continue to search.

I’ve tried several other avenues too: CAB (who managed only to book me a free 15 minute phone call with “Greens Solicitors”, but who actually don’t deal with Judicial Reviews for Child Benefit, or advise on Child Support maintenance appeals); Birmingham Pro Bono/FLAG; Birmingham Settlement; Royal Courts of Justice Personal Support Group; Birmingham Personal Support Group; none of these would assist me!

Birmingham Law Centre told me I must phone them at 9am on Tuesday mornings to try to get appt for that Thursday. But alternate Tuesdays I have my “signing on” appts, and I had to try and get this one done ASAP, as I’ve already exceeded the 16 day time limit.

I did manage to get the claim form in for this Judicial Review within the 16 day time limit, and I stated that I’d list my grounds etc….as soon as I was able to.  A few days later, I sent my grounds etc…

But the Royal Courts of Justice sent my claim back to me, as it lacked detail, and I hadn’t completed it properly (never done one before, and got no legal help). A few days later I received my grounds back in the post too.

I have used 3 ink cartridges printing off my application and copies for this JR. I’ve done the best that I can, and hope they don’t bounce it back to me again, as I’ve prioritised this above everything else (apart from job hunting, and other necessary activities) over the last month.

I sent it off via Special/Guaranteed delivery this afternoon.  Fingers crossed…..

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Saturday 2nd September 2017 – Had Another Hell Of A Day, Trying To Buy 38H to 42J Bra

Day 2 of trying to buy a comfortable supportive bra.

I hate clothes shopping, and only do it out of necessity, and for functionality.  I have got approval to buy interview clothes, but I really need a new bra, and footwear with a negative heel that can accommodate orthotic insoles, as my feet need to pronate outwards more, as I have knock-knees, and foot/knee/hip pain, (as the footwear from Orthotic Dept at Royal Orthopaedic Hospital is unwearable).

I arrived in Birmingham City Centre just before 9am, and tried in the market first, no luck. Then I quickly popped into Sports Direct, no negative heel footwear, and nothing comfortable that could easily be modified.

Then I went to Debenhams, and was fitted/measured as 38H by “A”. She helped me as much as she could, fetching all kinds of bras for me to try. Nothing was perfect. There’s a huge selection of bras there, but I wanted (ideally) seamless cups, not lacy as it irritates me, and just comfortable to wear. Very little choice for large-bosomed ladies, that want comfort and support without lace or irritation.  In the end, and out of desperation, I bought a two pack of bras 38H, the cups were lovely and seamless, but with a bit of a lace trim. My boobs haven’t got a gap between them like the bras have, so I’ll wear them for a bit longer at home, to see if I can tolerate wearing them, otherwise, they’ll have to go back.

I tried a couple of shoe shops, but nothing comfortable or with a negative heel.

I walked to Bravissimo in Cannon Street, which is the main reason I went into Birmingham today. I was so disheartened by now, that as soon as assistant “S” started talking to me in the changing/fitting room, I burst into tears. “S” was lovely, she said I wasn’t the first woman to burst into tears trying to find a comfortable bra. “S” scurried back and forth, I tried wired, non-wired, sports bras, even bikini tops. I was there for ages, & measured as 40H. I wasn’t happy with anything. In the end, the least worst option was 40H wired, with comfy cups, but the bra was digging in my stomach. I took it upstairs, still unsure whether to buy it or not. I started crying again at the till, and talked to another lovely lady on the till. I decided against buying it, because if it’s already uncomfortable to wear after a few minutes, it wouldn’t get any more comfy if I wore it all day. The lady on the till looked on-line, and suggested RigbyandPellar (London), and also one other made-to-measure company. She also suggested “Yours” in the Bullring.

The staff at Bravissimo were as helpful and kind as possible, but I was let down by the lack of choice of a simple, comfortable bra, for my size and needs.

Feeling depressed & miserable, and trying hard not to cry or get emotional, I made my way back to the Bullring, and found “Yours”. I tried on several bras. Even though they stock a bra collection that is only a fraction of the variety at Debenhams and Bravissimo, I found the best bra yet! 42J, 100% polyester, no lace, no bells and whistles, and the most comfortable one thus far, £17.99

Unfortunately, this range starts at size 42, so on the tightest fastening, it might be a bit loose, especially if it stretches with wear. But I bought it, then made my way out of Birmingham as quickly as possible, too hectic for me. My feet killing…..

Got back home mid-afternoon. New bra is washed and hanging on line, to wear tomorrow, for proper test of comfort. Fingers crossed.

Incredibly disappointed that for a city the size of Birmingham, with its fair share of heavy-bosomed ladies, there’s almost fuck all by the way of choice for a simple, comfortable, supportive bra.

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