Friday 22nd April 2016 – I Receive Response From Senior Review Manager “Lynsey Donkin” (Child Support Agency)

On the 22nd of March 2016, & 19th April 2016, I’d sent 2 x emails to the Secretary of State for Work & Pensions – the Rt Hon Stephen Crabb MP, regarding the sheer level of incompetence  at the Child Support Agency (CSA).

Lynsey Donkin (Senior Review Manager – CSA) has responded to me via letter dated 21st April 2016, which I received today.

Amongst the usual excuses for the CSA’s chronic ineptitude, Lynsey Donkin wrote:

“The Agency has no jurisdiction under the Child Support (Information, Evidence and Disclosure) Regulations 1992, Regulation 2, to contact [my daughter’s then-boyfriend] to request information to the contrary.”

My daughter moved out of her dad’s house at some point in July 2013, and lived with her then-boyfriend’s family until some point during the 2nd week of April 2014. My Ex continued to fraudulently claim Child Benefit and Child Support Maintenance. Despite my repeated requests over the last several years to both HMRC’s Child Benefit Office (CBO), and the CSA,  both the CSA and CBO have REFUSED/FAILED  to ever directly contact my daughter’s then-boyfriend or his family to ascertain the material facts for the material period!

Lynsey Donkin further wrote:

“On 5th October [2015] Amanda Mains, my colleague, wrote to [my Ex] to make him aware of your intention to claim child maintenance for [daughter] and asked him to confirm the date she had left his household. Social Security and Child Support (Decisions and Appeals) Regulations 1999 (2) (6B and 7B) dictates we are required to use the first date that we contact a non-resident parent to advise that an application for a child had been received as the commencement date of an award. It is therefore correct that we use 30 September 2015 as the start date for [daughter] to join your household. On 27 November, action was taken to include [daughter] in your case as parent with care. from 30 September 2015. Notification of this decision was issued to you on 30 November by Emma Laurie, my colleague.  I acknowledge that you are unhappy with this decision and that you have requested an appeal to the Upper Tribunal regarding the date you have been awarded Child Benefit. We will await the outcome of this.” 

My daughter had started to live with me again from early June 2015. But my Ex continued to fraudulently claim Child Benefit, and CSA maintenance!

Lynsey Donkin continued:

“You believe that [my Ex] owes a further £1,976 in child maintenance for the period May 2014 to 26 May 2015 and that the Agency has refused to collect this money from him. On 31 July 2015 we calculated that from 27 May 2015 [my Ex] was liable to pay £67 a week in child maintenance, you are of the opinion this decision should be backdated to May 2014. The effective date of such a decision is set by the date when the change is notified rather than the date the change occurred, and this is specified within the Child Support Act 1991. The date we have utilised is therefore correct.    The rationale for this is to encourage parents to keep the Agency up to date with their circumstances and prevent the system being overwhelmed by requests for retrospective changes for which evidence may be inconclusive. It is for this reason that changes to income levels are only made at the point a parent with care or a non-resident parent advises the Agency that a change has occurred.”

My Ex FAILED to inform the CSA of his vastly improved income. When the CSA did eventually check, at my behest, they discovered that my Ex should have been paying me £67 per week instead of £29 per week over the previous year! Yet the CSA REFUSE to compel my Ex to cough up the additional £1976 that I lost out on for that year!

Update: These 2 x later posts of mine show the epic Judicial Failures of my two Child Benefit Appeals as they progressed through the Courts:


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