Tuesday 22nd November 2016 – I Am Contacted By Person Willing To Provide Evidence For my ChB 1st (& ChB 2nd) Appeals

I received a phone call this evening, from a lady willing to provide important evidence in respect of my 1st Child benefit Appeal, it is also relevant for my 2nd Child benefit Appeal.

About slowlyrotting

I am constantly having to deal with several different benefits issues. I've got Appeals and Tribunals coming out of my ears. I've lost count of the formal complaints I've had to make. I've kept paper records of most of my interactions with the DWP, HMRC etc for years, so I've literally got several hundred posts (maybe thousands) to compose for this website. I can't post them to here as quick or as often as I'd like to, for a variety of reasons. I intend to go back years, eventually. But at this rate, I don't think I'll ever get to post everything I want to. You can see from what I've put up so far that I've got a lot of crap to deal with. I'm probably not even 1% or 2% done. I am slowly rotting....................
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