Sunday 26th March 2017 – I Challenge Judge Michael Hankey’s Directions Notice of 22/3/17 (re: 5 x CSA Appeals)

I have challenged Judge Michael Hankey‘s DIRECTIONS NOTICE  of 22/3/17.    I wrote:

“Dear HMCTS,

Thank you for the Directions Notice from Tribunal Judge Mr M. Hankey, which I received on Friday 24th March 2017.

1.  When I spoke to Julie Riley (HMCTS) on 23rd March 2017, I thought I heard her say I’d be given at least 28 days notice of when these Appeals will be listed, but the Directions Notice states only 21 days. Could you please confirm that I heard correctly, and it is 28 days notice (not 21 days).

2. I disagree/wish to challenge the Decision that the 5 x CSA Appeals are to be listed together. Tribunal Judge Mr M. Hankey reasons that to list them separately would place an additional burden upon [my Ex], & that it wouldn’t be an efficient use of the resources of HMCTS & the CSA.

There is no mention of the immense burden that has been placed upon me, to try & prepare for 5 x CSA Tribunals simultaneously, nor of the burden that I’ve buckled under over the last three & a half years, of my many laboured interactions with HMRC, the CSA, & HMCTS, which have arisen purely from their incompetence.

I have had to register each of these appeals separately.  HMCTS will decide each individual appeal whether they’re lumped together in one Hearing, or on different days, so it’s no extra work for HMCTS.

Similarly,  I have had to already register 5 separate appeals, because of the CSA’s failure to calculate figures properly, & thoroughly investigate my daughter’s living arrangements for the two periods in question, etc., which has consumed enormous amounts of my time before it even reaches Tribunal stage.  If the CSA were concerned about their efficient use of resources, they would have done their jobs properly in the first place. 

I ought to be able to devote my time/energy to one Tribunal at a time, with plenty of notice of each one, a minimum of 14 days apart. It’s a struggle to deal with more than one at any time.

Why should I be penalised/burdened, purely to make life a little easier, & more convenient for [my Ex] & the CSA?

I’m the one that has struggled with all of this for years, now the least I deserve is to have a minimum of 14 days breathing space between each one, so that each one can be properly considered.

To lump them all together, places more stress on me!”

About slowlyrotting

I am constantly having to deal with several different benefits issues. I've got Appeals and Tribunals coming out of my ears, and have pretty much lost any faith I ever had in the British Justice/Tribunals system. I've lost count of the formal complaints I've had to make. I've had numerous interactions with the DWP, HMRC, Birmingham City Council, etc for years, so I've literally got several hundred posts (maybe thousands) to compose for this website. I can't post them to here as quick or as often as I'd like to, for a variety of reasons. Over the last few years, I have endured a conveyor belt of shit decisions from HMCTS. The piss-poor postal services that HMCTS, HMRC, Birmingham City Council, the DWP, & CSA rely on (bulk printing and several different carriers), compound the ineptitude of these departments and agencies. I intend to go back years, eventually. But at this rate, I don't think I'll ever get to post everything I want to. You can see from what I've put up so far that I've got a lot of crap to deal with. I'm probably not even 1% or 2% done. I am slowly rotting....................
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