Saturday 2nd September 2017 – Had Another Hell Of A Day, Trying To Buy 38H to 42J Bra

Day 2 of trying to buy a comfortable supportive bra.

I hate clothes shopping, and only do it out of necessity, and for functionality.  I have got approval to buy interview clothes, but I really need a new bra, and footwear with a negative heel that can accommodate orthotic insoles, as my feet need to pronate outwards more, as I have knock-knees, and foot/knee/hip pain, (as the footwear from Orthotic Dept at Royal Orthopaedic Hospital is unwearable).

I arrived in Birmingham City Centre just before 9am, and tried in the market first, no luck. Then I quickly popped into Sports Direct, no negative heel footwear, and nothing comfortable that could easily be modified.

Then I went to Debenhams, and was fitted/measured as 38H by “A”. She helped me as much as she could, fetching all kinds of bras for me to try. Nothing was perfect. There’s a huge selection of bras there, but I wanted (ideally) seamless cups, not lacy as it irritates me, and just comfortable to wear. Very little choice for large-bosomed ladies, that want comfort and support without lace or irritation.  In the end, and out of desperation, I bought a two pack of bras 38H, the cups were lovely and seamless, but with a bit of a lace trim. My boobs haven’t got a gap between them like the bras have, so I’ll wear them for a bit longer at home, to see if I can tolerate wearing them, otherwise, they’ll have to go back.

I tried a couple of shoe shops, but nothing comfortable or with a negative heel.

I walked to Bravissimo in Cannon Street, which is the main reason I went into Birmingham today. I was so disheartened by now, that as soon as assistant “S” started talking to me in the changing/fitting room, I burst into tears. “S” was lovely, she said I wasn’t the first woman to burst into tears trying to find a comfortable bra. “S” scurried back and forth, I tried wired, non-wired, sports bras, even bikini tops. I was there for ages, & measured as 40H. I wasn’t happy with anything. In the end, the least worst option was 40H wired, with comfy cups, but the bra was digging in my stomach. I took it upstairs, still unsure whether to buy it or not. I started crying again at the till, and talked to another lovely lady on the till. I decided against buying it, because if it’s already uncomfortable to wear after a few minutes, it wouldn’t get any more comfy if I wore it all day. The lady on the till looked on-line, and suggested RigbyandPellar (London), and also one other made-to-measure company. She also suggested “Yours” in the Bullring.

The staff at Bravissimo were as helpful and kind as possible, but I was let down by the lack of choice of a simple, comfortable bra, for my size and needs.

Feeling depressed & miserable, and trying hard not to cry or get emotional, I made my way back to the Bullring, and found “Yours”. I tried on several bras. Even though they stock a bra collection that is only a fraction of the variety at Debenhams and Bravissimo, I found the best bra yet! 42J, 100% polyester, no lace, no bells and whistles, and the most comfortable one thus far, £17.99

Unfortunately, this range starts at size 42, so on the tightest fastening, it might be a bit loose, especially if it stretches with wear. But I bought it, then made my way out of Birmingham as quickly as possible, too hectic for me. My feet killing…..

Got back home mid-afternoon. New bra is washed and hanging on line, to wear tomorrow, for proper test of comfort. Fingers crossed.

Incredibly disappointed that for a city the size of Birmingham, with its fair share of heavy-bosomed ladies, there’s almost fuck all by the way of choice for a simple, comfortable, supportive bra.

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