Tuesday 31st October 2017 – I Send My Request For A Judicial Review To Royal Courts Of Justice (re: Child Benefit 1st Claim)

I’m just throwing up a quick post, as I haven’t posted anything on here since the 2nd of September 2017. I’ve been focusing my energies on actively job hunting, and Tribunal issues. I’ve got so much to post on here when I get the chance, and will fill in the gaps when I can.

After losing my Child Benefit Appeal (1st claim) again on the 24th April 2017, (second time around), I again further appealed to the Upper Tribunal Office, and again lost.

When an appellant (me) has no legal help or expertise to draw upon, it is so incredibly difficult to try to formulate an effective argument, when I have to convince the Upper Tribunal that the First Tier Tribunal erred in law.  It has been pointed out to me, that it isn’t about arguing over the facts of the case.

So, this is the legal matter that has preoccupied me for the last month.   The DECISION NOTICE  from the Upper Tribunal listed 2 possible routes for me to pursue:

  1.  Apply to SET ASIDE the Upper Tribunal Decision.
  2.  Apply for a Judicial Review.

I’ve been waiting for Bar Pro Bono to find someone to assist me, since Khalid Mahmood MP referred me to them a year and a half ago.  Periodically, Bar Pro Bono ask me if I still require assistance, I confirm that I do, and they assure me that they continue to search.

I’ve tried several other avenues too: CAB (who managed only to book me a free 15 minute phone call with “Greens Solicitors”, but who actually don’t deal with Judicial Reviews for Child Benefit, or advise on Child Support maintenance appeals); Birmingham Pro Bono/FLAG; Birmingham Settlement; Royal Courts of Justice Personal Support Group; Birmingham Personal Support Group; none of these would assist me!

Birmingham Law Centre told me I must phone them at 9am on Tuesday mornings to try to get appt for that Thursday. But alternate Tuesdays I have my “signing on” appts, and I had to try and get this one done ASAP, as I’ve already exceeded the 16 day time limit.

I did manage to get the claim form in for this Judicial Review within the 16 day time limit, and I stated that I’d list my grounds etc….as soon as I was able to.  A few days later, I sent my grounds etc…

But the Royal Courts of Justice sent my claim back to me, as it lacked detail, and I hadn’t completed it properly (never done one before, and got no legal help). A few days later I received my grounds back in the post too.

I have used 3 ink cartridges printing off my application and copies for this JR. I’ve done the best that I can, and hope they don’t bounce it back to me again, as I’ve prioritised this above everything else (apart from job hunting, and other necessary activities) over the last month.

I sent it off via Special/Guaranteed delivery this afternoon.  Fingers crossed…..

About slowlyrotting

I am constantly having to deal with several different benefits issues. I've got Appeals and Tribunals coming out of my ears. I've lost count of the formal complaints I've had to make. I've had numerous interactions with the DWP, HMRC etc for years, so I've literally got several hundred posts (maybe thousands) to compose for this website. I can't post them to here as quick or as often as I'd like to, for a variety of reasons. The piss-poor postal services that HMCTS, HMRC, the DWP, & CSA rely on (bulk printing and several different carriers), compound the ineptitude of these departments and agencies. I intend to go back years, eventually. But at this rate, I don't think I'll ever get to post everything I want to. You can see from what I've put up so far that I've got a lot of crap to deal with. I'm probably not even 1% or 2% done. I am slowly rotting....................
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