Alfie Evans Deserves Chance of Life – Let His Parents Take Him To Italy, Instead of Being Condemned To Death (thanks to British “Justice”)

Yet again, a toddler is being deprived of a final chance of life, however slim,  by Great British “Justice”, to health treatment abroad.

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool has won its court battles against Alfie’s parents.

Alder Hey has triumphed in its desire of impending certain death for young Alfie Evans.

Following the scandal of GOSH (Great Ormond Street Hospital) in its battles against the parents of Charlie Gard, I vowed never to give any donation to GOSH.

I now feel the same for Alder Hey, as they have put Alfie’s parents through the most immense distress, and for what?  To prove a point?  To crush any future opposition to the hospital’s decisions?

Welcome to Great Britain!  Where two loving parents have to battle through the courts, and against the medical professionals and lawyers at Alder Hey, at the most stressful time of their lives.

I am particularly disgusted by those that criticise the parents of Alfie Evans, “doctors know best, etc…”, or for complaining about the noise of the protests outside the hospital.

At the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in 2012, there was a tribute to the NHS, with a performance featuring people jumping up and down on beds.  Perhaps a more appropriate advert for some aspects of the NHS nowadays would be scenes of the police holding back the parents of seriously ill children, as medics remove ventilation and treatment from their children, causing death within minutes.

However slim Alfie’s chances are of successful treatment abroad, and let’s face it, his chances of improvement are probably weaker than they would have been months ago, due to Alder Hey and the Courts refusing to support the wishes of his parents earlier, his parents should NOT be prevented from taking him to Italy, where he has a chance of life.

Remember Ashya King?  The UK medics were wrong about him too…….

We only get to hear about prominent cases in the news, but this must be the tip of the iceberg.

I wish Alfie’s parents luck, and all those that end up in their shoes.

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I am constantly having to deal with several different benefits issues. I've got Appeals and Tribunals coming out of my ears, and have pretty much lost any faith I ever had in the British Justice/Tribunals system. I've lost count of the formal complaints I've had to make. I've had numerous interactions with the DWP, HMRC, Birmingham City Council, etc for years, so I've literally got several hundred posts (maybe thousands) to compose for this website. I can't post them to here as quick or as often as I'd like to, for a variety of reasons. Over the last few years, I have endured a conveyor belt of shit decisions from HMCTS. The piss-poor postal services that HMCTS, HMRC, Birmingham City Council, the DWP, & CSA rely on (bulk printing and several different carriers), compound the ineptitude of these departments and agencies. I intend to go back years, eventually. But at this rate, I don't think I'll ever get to post everything I want to. You can see from what I've put up so far that I've got a lot of crap to deal with. I'm probably not even 1% or 2% done. I am slowly rotting....................
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