Sunday 8th July 2018 – Soot Falling Down Chimney, Because of Hot Weather?

I’ve noticed rumblings of soot falling down the chimney over the last few days. I’ve never experienced this before, and I’ve lived in my current house for several years.

I reassured myself early on that there wasn’t a bird down the chimney, as there was no flapping, cooing, or tweeting.

As this has coincided with the prolonged period of extremely hot weather. I have deduced that the extreme atmospheric dryness has loosened chunks of soot in my chimney (which I haven’t used for years, so it must be ancient, caked-on, soot).

I wasn’t particularly concerned until I noticed that fine soot had deposited around my gas fireplace. So I’ve vacuumed around it, and sealed up the fire with a plastic bag, taped into place.

My neighbours have been experiencing the same over the last few days, and were puzzled as to what was happening, until I discussed the matter with one of them yesterday.   I would strongly advise anyone that has experienced soot falling down the chimney to remove the soot before using the fire, otherwise there could be a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, or chimney catching fire.

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