Wednesday 5th July 2017 – I Email About “Access To Work” (JSA 3rd Claim)

This afternoon, “AH” at Erdington Jobcentre rang me (I usually Sign On with “AH” for my JSA (3rd claim)), she gave me an email address and a phone number to phone, to query whether I can benefit from “Access To Work”:

  • 0345 268 8489

So, this evening I sent an email to:, I explained that I need help to tackle my health issues, which I’ve needed help with for a long time, but I get zero help from my GP, the DWP, and other organisations. I asked them to phone me to discuss how they can help me attend medical appointments, and hopefully be treated by excellent quality healthcare.

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Tuesday 4th July 2017 – Woke Up With Migraine, Attended Erdington Customer Service Centre, & Erdington Jobcentre

I woke up with a migraine today (I’ve had worse, though). Got ready, then set off for Erdington. I first went to Erdington Customer Service Centre (aka Erdington Advice Centre), so that a lengthy form I’d completed could be scanned & sent off with other important documentation. I’d pre-booked an appointment, was seen on time, and was dealt with courteously & efficiently.

I then walked straight to Erdington Jobcentre. I was more than 2 hours early for my “Signing On ” appointment. As I still had migraine, (and am still menstruating/bleeding (have been solidly for 4 weeks now)), I didn’t feel like going around the shops, or using the computer in the Jobcentre today.  I asked “J” if “AH” could see me early today, she sent me upstairs to talk to “AH”. I quickly spoke to “AH”, then I sat to wait, as her next claimant/appt had already turned up. Luckily, “AH” was able to then see me. I explained my latest Jobseeking endeavours, and the jobs I’ve applied for. I “signed” electronically.

It was “AH” a couple of months ago who suggested “Access To Work”, but then when I’d navigated the lengthy on-line application process at home, where, towards the end, it asked me if I already had a job, & I’d selected “no”, the application terminated.

But today, “AH” said she’d spoken to colleagues “N” & “S”, who’d assured her that I didn’t have to currently have a job, to avail of its service. I’ve got several health issues/symptoms, that I’ve been asking for help with for years, but I get zero help to investigate/treat issues. I then went downstairs, and asked “J” if I could speak to “N” about “Access To Work”, but “J” said he may have just gone to lunch. “J” noted my contact details, and said she’d ask “N” to phone me. Then I went back home.

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Sunday 2nd July 2017 – I’m Still Losing Lots Of Blood

Continuing from Saturday night…..

By 12:45am, I’d been waiting for an ambulance for almost three and a half hours, from when I first dialled 999 at about 9:15pm last night. I was so tired. After phoning my neighbour next door, I then rang 999, and I cancelled the request for an ambulance, as I’m tired, & it’s not fair on my neighbour either, as I didn’t know how much longer we’d have to wait, indeed, whether an ambulance was going to actually turn up at all, as one hadn’t materialised yet.  I then went to bed. This was the first time, in my entire life, that I’ve ever dialled 999 to request an ambulance for myself. I am so disappointed at the indifferent attitudes I’ve encountered.

Got up out of bed at around 7:45am. I’m still losing lots of blood.

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Saturday 1st July 2017 – I’m Losing So Much Blood, I Call 999

I’ve always had heavy periods. But these last few weeks have been the worst ever.

  • 8th – 13th June 2017, slight/very light, gradually increasing.
  • 14th June 2017 – 24th June 2017, extremely heavy blood loss, and passing frequent, massive clots of blood too. I felt light-headed at times too.
  • 25th – 28th June 2017, I passed less blood/clots than last 11 days, this is now more of a “normal period”.
  • 29th June – 1st July 2017, I’ve been losing lots of blood again, and passing huge clots.

Tonight, I sat on the loo, and the blood just poured out of me. I could feel blood clots dropping out of me too. This was the worst ever. I spoke to my neighbour, and then I called 999 to request an ambulance, at around 9:15pm. “J” asked me loads of questions, I described my blood loss over the last 3 weeks, as I’ve listed above. “J” asked me if I’ve just passed enough blood to fill a coffee cup/mug. I said I didn’t know, it was down the loo, I didn’t measure it, but I’d guess not quite enough to fill a coffee cup. I wasn’t feeling faint or clammy. “J” spoke to a paramedic, then “J” said the paramedic advised that I don’t need an ambulance.  “J” advised me to ring 111 instead.

So at about 9:25pm, I rang 111, and spoke to a different “J”. Clearly, both “J”s read from the same script, and I was asked much the same questions, all over again. The most important question, it seems, is did I just pass enough blood to fill a coffee cup/mug? He didn’t specify whether he was referring to an espresso cup (small), or something larger (cappuccino, perhaps), So I assumed a regular mug size. Yet again, I said I didn’t know, it was down the loo, I didn’t measure it, but I’d guess not quite enough to fill a coffee cup. I wasn’t feeling faint or clammy.  “J” said he’d speak with a Doctor, then I’d be called back.

At 9:42pm, Dr “A” rang me, he said as I don’t feel faint or clammy, he can do a letter for my GP, so my GP can arrange tests. I said: “So I have to keep pouring blood until I feel ill?”  Dr “A” said my neighbour (who has offered to accompany me to hospital) can drive me to A & E if I’m concerned. I said my neighbour hasn’t got a car, nor have I.  I asked Dr “A” to arrange transport. He’ll ring me back.

At 9:59pm, Dr “A” rang me back, he said he’ll arrange transport for me, for within 2 hours, to Good Hope Hospital.

At 11:51pm, a woman from the Ambulance Service rang me, she said they’re running a bit late, she asked if I was still the same, I replied it’s not currently pouring out of me the way it was when I rang earlier. She said they’ll try to get to me as soon as they can, if it worsens, call 999.  I then went to loo, passed more blood/clots, while I waited…….


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Friday 23rd June 2017 – HMCTS Inform Me My PIP (2nd claim) Appeal Is Postponed, Due To Panel Member Hearing Previous Appeal

I received a letter today, (dated 22/06/2017) from HMCTS. My PIP (2nd claim) Appeal, which was due to be heard soon, has had to be postponed, as a Tribunal Panel member has heard a previous Appeal of mine, and therefore is excluded from hearing any further Appeals of mine.

I first applied for PIP (1st claim) in 2013. Tribunal rejected my claim in 2015.  The Health Professional’s Report was a poorly-written piece of tat, started by the woman that assessed me, and finished 5 months later by a different HP.

I made a 2nd claim for PIP. I’ve been unable to get legal assistance.

I’ve got several, worrying, health problems/symptoms. I’ve been asking for help from my GP, the DWP, and several other organisations for years. Apart from hospital transport to one specific hospital, I get zero help. So I’ve been unable to have any health investigations/treatment for all of my most alarming health symptoms.

My GP Surgery has a rigid policy of refusing to provide “Letters of support” in relation to benefit claims. I’ve lost so much blood over the last couple of weeks. I usually have heavy periods, and irregular bleeding. I started bleeding again on 8th June, fairly light until 13th June, but since 14th June I’ve been losing lots of blood, and passing huge, frequent, blood clots. When I attended Erdington Jobcentre, for my Signing appt on 20th June, I stained a chair at Erdington Jobcentre, and “L” (I don’t know whether there’s more than one “L” there, or not), who was on the ground floor, was very thoughtful and helpful, and arranged for me to have my signing appt in a private room, and to sit somewhere more discreet afterwards, as my clothing was also stained, as I waited for my lift back home.

“L” even gave me a pack of wipes, and a carrier bag to sit on for the journey back home.
I have since asked the DWP (via Central England Complaints Resolution Team) to clarify what they expect me to do, and the time that I must be expected to travel to appts/work/job interviews, when my sanitary towel can flood in less than a minute, and stain my clothes, and whatever I’m sitting on. I’ve always suffered from heavy periods, but it’s become even worse lately, I pass massive clots, and am losing lots of blood, over a long period, in addition to other problems.
I await their response.
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Saturday 17th June 2017 – I Receive Council Tax Bill

I’ve received a revised Council Tax bill today. I only receive Council tax support for part of my liability. On 1st July 2017 I must personally pay £42 in Council Tax, then each month after that I must pay £45 per month Council Tax.

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Friday 16th June 2017 – I Receive Housing Benefit Decision Notice From Birmingham City Council

I’ve received a Benefit Decision Notice from Birmingham City Council today, (dated 12th June 2017).

My gross rent is £101.40pw

I’m entitled to £71.17pw Housing Benefit

I must pay £30.23pw

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