Friday 18th May 2018 – I Attend Job Interview (Rescheduled Due To Heavy Menstruation Last Week)

Last Friday (11th May) I was supposed to attend a job interview, but was unable to due to my heavy menstruation. I liaised with the potential new employer, and fortunately they agreed to reschedule my interview, which I attended today.   I don’t know the result yet, but at least I was able to attend.

I would be much more employable if I’d actually been given the help I’ve been asking for, for years, to help me tackle health issues. But I get fuck all help. I asked for help from the fabled “Access To Work”, but the term is a complete misnomer, as they don’t offer assistance until I’ve actually secured a job! And even then it’s not certain what they’ll actually do.

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Monday 14th May 2018 – I’ve Registered On The New “Find A Job” Website

I’ve registered on the new “Find A Job” website today, which is replacing the “Universal Jobmatch” website. All I’ve done is register so far, as I can still use the Universal Jobmatch website until 17th June 2018 (which I actually rather like).

Time will tell whether the new “Find A Job” website is actually an improvement or not, or whether it’s still a works in progress.

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Friday 11th May 2018 – Unable To Attend Job Interview, Because Of Heavy Menstruation (JSA)

I had been looking forward to the job interview I was invited to this afternoon.  However, I was unable to travel to the interview, as it’s my “time of the month”, and my blood loss is too heavy.  I asked the prospective employer if I can reschedule the interview, and to be fair they did offer me an alternative date, but for an unsuitable time slot.  So I’ve asked for a later time slot, and hope to receive a response next week.

I have been asking for help for years from the DWP, GP/NHS, so that I can tackle health issues. But I receive zero help, so in addition to continuing to blight my own miserable existence, my health issues will land on the doorstep of any future employer.  Not exactly ideal, is it?

The fabled “Access to Work” does fuck all to help tackle health issues prior to gaining employment.  so the term “Access to Work” is something of a misnomer.

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Saturday 5th May 2018 – I’ve Just Performed Better Than 99% of Others Who’ve Taken The Civil Service Verbal Reasoning Test

I’ve just worked my way through 2 x Verbal Reasoning Tests, for 2 x different vacancies.

I scored better than 99% of others who’ve taken the test for the 1st one, and better than 98% of others for the 2nd one.

Scores that meet/exceed the required standard are banked for 6 months. But as I’d applied for 2 x jobs, one straight after the other, I was invited to take the VRT for both of them. Imagine my disappointment when I only scored better than 98% in the 2nd VRT, (compared to the 99% score in the 1st VRT), ok, not too disappointed……

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Friday 27th April 2018 – Letter From David Kinnair (Birmingham City Council’s Head of Benefits) Takes 13 Days To Be Delivered!

Today, I have received a letter from David Kinnair – Head of Benefits at Birmingham City Council.  It is dated 14th April 2018 !!!  So it took 13 days to reach me!

It instructs me to download a form, and return it to the address on the form, within 1 month of the date of the letter.  Clearly, it was too much trouble for David Kinnair/Birmingham City Council to actually enclose a form with the letter………

Since they sent me the letter on 14th April 2018, I have already submitted my family member’s accounts – twice – in a deadline induced panic, once via email on 18th April 2018, and again via the sit & wait service at Erdington Library on 19th April 2018.

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His Honour Judge Jeff Blackett Refuses Me Permission To Apply For Judicial Review (re: ChB 1st Appeal)

On Thursday the 26th of April 2018, I received a letter from the Royal Courts of Justice re: ChB 1st  (Child Benefit Appeal). His Honour Judge Jeff Blackett has refused me permission to apply for a Judicial Review.

This is the culmination of almost 5 years of trying to obtain justice, for the 9 month period spanning 2013 to 2014.  My daughter had moved out of her dad’s house, and into her then-boyfriend’s family’s house.  Despite me repeatedly notifying HMRC and the CSA, they refused to ever contact her then-boyfriend’s family to ascertain whether my daughter was indeed residing with them.  My Ex continued to fraudulently claim Child Benefit  for our daughter, even though she no longer lived as part of his household, and he wasn’t using the ChB money he fraudulently obtained to support our daughter.

As my Ex continued to receive ChB, I had to keep paying my Ex Child Support maintenance, and he was able to reduce the Child Support maintenance he paid me in respect of our son (who has always lived with me), as my Ex fraudulently claimed that our daughter was still a member of his household.

As my ChB 1st Appeal progressed to HMCTS, I requested a witness summons, to compel my daughter’s then-boyfriend’s mother to attend Tribunal, where she would have confirmed that my daughter was a part of their household for the material period. But various Judges (Judge Ennals, …) refused this request, and also refused to issue other Directions that I’d requested.

I’d never met my daughter’s then-boyfriend’s family, the mother is a leading solicitor.  Eventually, after I’d written to the boyfriend’s mother in 2016, she wrote directly to HMCTS confirming that my daughter had lived as part of her family for the material period, and that my Ex had not supported her financially, whilst I had  contributed financially!

Despite this damning and pivotal evidence, Judge J. Verman still decided on 24th April 2017 that my Ex was still entitled to ChB for the material period!  This was the second time round, as the First Tier Tribunal (FTT) was originally held on 1st May 2015, when Judge G. I. Marsh decided I wasn’t entitled to ChB for the material period. Upper Tribunal Judge Nicholas Wikeley subsequently “Set Aside” Judge G. I. Marsh‘s Decision, finding that the FTT had erred twice in law! You can read the Decision at:

CB v HMRC and AE (CHB) [2016] UKUT 0506 (AAC)

So it was bounced back to FTT to be heard by a different Judge, Judge J. Verman on 24/4/17.

How, pray tell,  can a Child Benefit  Appeal progress from First Tier Tribunal to Upper Tribunal, then back to First Tier Tribunal, then up again to Upper Tribunal, and then up to the Royal Courts of Justice, and throughout all of this time HMRC, the CSA, and various Judges at HMCTS all refuse to contact my daughter’s then-boyfriend’s family to confirm the material living arrangements for the material period, or to issue the reasonable Directions I’d requested?

Then, when the then-boyfriend’s mother eventually writes to HMCTS confirming what I’d been saying all along, Judge Verman still chooses to believe my Ex’s version of events!!!

A central plank of my application for a Judicial Review was that HMRC and the CSA have both insisted that they’re not permitted by law to contact a third party (ie my daughter’s then-boyfriend’s family!).  It has been my contention all along that HMRC and the CSA should have made direct contact with that family, to ascertain something as fundamentally crucial to any Child Benefit claim, namely establishing the material living arrangements for the material period.  His Honour Judge Jeff Blackett doesn’t seem to deem this necessary……..

……..I’ll write tons more when I get the chance/time……….

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Tuesday 17th April 2018 – Letter From David Kinnair (Birmingham City Council’s Head of Benefits) Takes 11 Days To Be Delivered! Leaves Me Only 3 Days To Provide Detailed Info To Council!

I have just received a letter from David Kinnair (Head of Benefits) Birmingham City Council’s Benefits Service, dated 6th April 2018.  It took 11 days to drop through my letterbox!

It states that I must provide detailed accounts/income information for a different member of my household within 14 days of the letter.  As the letter is dated the 6th of April 2018, I only have a couple of days left, so will miss the deadline, as the accounts haven’t been done yet.

In January 2018, I was visited by  “JR” from the DWP (Performance Measurement), and in the copy of the Statement she completed, it was clearly agreed that my family member would provide his accounts to Birmingham City Council by 1st May 2018.

So today I first sent a complaint to B’ham CC, about the postal delay, and that the deadline to submit my family member’s accounts has been brought forward from the 1/5/18 (that “JR” (DWP) had agreed with me in January 2018), to 20th April 2018.

Then I phoned “JR” (DWP) who suggested I phone Bham CC’s Benefits Service. [10 mins on phone].

Then I’ve just phoned B’ham CC’s Benefits Service, I spoke to “D”,  she said all she can do is message “Processing”, who will then have 10 working days in which to respond to me.

I said I’ll email my local Birmingham City Councillor. [I’ll see if I hear back from earlier email first].  [22 mins on phone]

I’ve since emailed my local Councillor. I’ve also sent an extra element of complaint to Bham CC, as they’d failed to include the form that they’re telling me/family member to complete!

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