Wednesday 6th December 2017 – I Score Better Than 69% of People for Civil Service Judgement Test

On or around today, I took the on-line Civil Service Judgement Test.  I scored better than 69% of people who have previously taken the test.

It was for 38 x vacancies at the Department for Work and Pensions.

I wasn’t invited for interview.

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Tuesday 28th November 2017 – Letter From HMCTS Takes 20 Days To Reach Me! (I.S. 4th)

I have just sent yet another complaint to HMCTS.

I have just received the letter that “PK” told me about on 24/11/17,  that he said had been sent out to me on 8th November 2017, notifying me of the date for one of my Tribunals.

The letter is dated the 8th November 2017, yet it was only delivered today.  It took 20 days to be delivered!  The envelope features the Whistl logo, next to the “Delivered by Royal mail” logo.

I have just requested Service Via Email from now on, in addition to via the postal system.

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Friday 24th November 2017 – HMCTS/ASC Inform Me Over The Phone That I’ve Got An Income Support Tribunal Listed For Monday 27th November 2017 – This Is The First I’ve Heard! (I.S. 4th)

This afternoon, “PK” rang me from HMCTS/ASC (Administrative Support Centre), to confirm whether I’ll be attending my Income Support (4th Claim) Tribunal on Monday 27th November 2017.  Horrified, I said this is the first I’ve heard!  I haven’t received any letter, email or phone call informing me that it had been listed this coming Monday. They’re supposed to give me a minimum of 14 days notice. He said they’d sent a letter out to me on the 8th of November 2017, which I confirmed I’d never received. I told “PK” that if I had received the letter, I would have already asked for an adjournment, as I’ve had to focus nearly all my energies on the 2 x Judicial Review Applications for 2 x Child Benefit Appeals (all with zero legal assistance).

We had a lengthy conversation. I said that I’ve got 5 x CSA Tribunals listed in December 2017, that I’ve done no preparation for yet. I’m so overwhelmed with paperwork, appeals, complaints, adhering to my claimant commitment etc…..

Following this conversation, I sent an email to HMCTS, requesting an adjournment/stay, as I haven’t received their letter (supposedly sent on 8th Nov 2017), so I haven’t been given 14 days notice. Also, I’ve been having to prioritise other appeals.

I am forever complaining to HMCTS, HMRC, the CSA, DWP, that their letters to me sometimes take more than a week to reach me, if at all. They use bulk printing, and sometimes different carriers, in addition to Royal Mail. A false economy, as so often letters arrive too late, (or not at all).

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My Claim For A Judicial Review Has Been Issued (re: Child Benefit 2nd Claim)

The Royal Courts of Justice have issued my claim for a Judicial Review, for my 2nd ChB claim.  [I’ll write more when I have chance…..]

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Monday 20th November 2017 – Child Maintenance Service Prove To Be As Useless As Child Support Agency!

After checking to see whether my Ex has actually paid the £25 in arrears he was meant to stump up on 1st November 2017, (he’d failed to pay), I had to phone the Child Maintenance Service, yet again…..

I spoke to “J”.   “J” explained that my Ex had phoned CMS on 7th Nov 2017, and said that he wasn’t happy to pay the £25 per month via the Voluntary Standing Order that he himself had agreed to on 24th Oct 2017!  He said he’d felt that he’d been misled. He actually wanted to pay by paperless Direct Debit, so that he didn’t have to keep interacting with the CMS.

After bending to my Ex’s will, and typically failing to consider my feelings, “J” at the CMS agreed to my Ex setting up a Direct Debit. Naturally, the date will be pushed back yet again. This one is due to start for £25 per month on 1st January 2018.

My Ex has a high-powered job. He travels all over the world, pricing up contracts, and lives in a nice house. Yet the CMS are allowing him to pay off the arrears he owes me at the rate of just £25 per month, assuming he actually bothers to pay.

If he doesn’t pay on 1st Jan 2018, “M” said he’ll be sent a warning letter, then, if necessary, they might consider a Deduction of Earnings Order, which could result in a further delay of 3 months to collect the first payment.  So my Ex can drag this out indefinitely,  he’s already owed me arrears since 2013, now the CMS is letting him drag it out for a further 2 to 3 years.

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Wednesday 15th November 2017 – Royal Courts of Justice Return a “Certificate of Service” That I’d Sent Them Last Week! (re: JR ChB 1st)

The postman delivered my mail at approx 1:28pm this afternoon. One of the items was a letter dated the 13th of November 2017 from the Royal Courts of Justice, Administrative Court Office. In the letter, “FB” wrote:

“We have received your Certificate of service (N215) on the 10/11/17.   We are unable to process your N215, as you have not served all the parties who are listed on your Judicial Review claim form…..”

The Certificate of service (N215) that I’d completed, to confirm I’d served the Upper Tribunal, had been enclosed with the letter!

I served all of the 3 x parties  (Defendant (Upper Tribunal) & 2 x Interested Parties) on 9th Nov 2017.   I then completed 3 x Certificates of Service, and sent each one separately via Royal Mail’s 1st class “Signed For” service, also on 9/11/17. They were received by the RC of J on 10/11/17, each one was individually signed for, and I could see that on Royal Mail’s “track & trace” facility.

Horrified, I phoned the Royal Courts of Justice on 0207 947 6655,  where “J” said I should have either sent the 3 x Certificates of Service in the same envelope, or, squeezed the details of the 3 x parties I’d served onto just 1 Certificate of Service!   I lamented that this wasn’t specified on the form, and I confirmed that the RC of J had received all 3 x Certificates of Service N215 on 10/11/17, (separately).   “J” said the other 2 x Certificates of Service are probably going to be sent back to me too, as they need to receive the 3 x Certificates of Service together.  “J” said I need to get these sent in ASAP. I asked her to put a note on their “system”, about this conversation.

So I’ve printed off some new Certificates of Service, I will post these off tomorrow.

I have also emailed them a Complaint.

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Wednesday 15th November 2017 – Large Split/Open-ended Polythene Envelope Delivered To Me, From HMCTS (re: CSA Maintenance Appeal Bundles)

The other item that I received in today’s post wouldn’t fit through the letterbox, so the postman had to knock the door, and hand it to me personally. I didn’t notice until a minute or so later, as I tilted up the weighty package ready to open, that one end of it was completely split/open!

The bundles bore the date of 7th Nov 2017. There was a 1st class Royal Mail sticker on the polythene envelope (which also bore other scars).  I received it today.

The Appeal bundles constitute of a pile of A4 paperwork, 5 and a half centimetres (or 2 inches) high.

If I hadn’t been in my pyjamas, I’d have called up the street to the postman. Next time, pyjamas or not, I’ll try to remember to inspect envelope, before accepting it.

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