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I Request A “Set Aside” of Decision Of Child Benefit (1st Appeal) Heard on 24th April 2017, & Also Permission To Appeal To the Upper Tribunal (again!)

HMRC has never justified its utter incompetence, its failure to directly contact [my daughter’s then-boyfriend’s mother], at any point over the last few years. Continue reading

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Tuesday 1st December 2015 – I Request Mandatory Reconsiderations from “Amanda Mains” (Child Support Agency), I Tell Them To Also Treat My Request(s) as Complaints/Escalations

Can you also please explain why the Child Support Agency is incapable of independently investigating my case, instead largely choosing to rely on the incompetent and slovenly  Child Benefit Office who also seem incapable of making thorough investigations, and make factually incorrect decisions. Continue reading

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Tuesday 4th February 2014 – My Ex Has Provided Contrary Evidence to the CSA & Child Benefit Office

“Suzanne” rang me this morning from the CSA, she said my ex-partner has provided contrary evidence to the Child Support Agency & HMRC/Child Benefit Office. (Yep. My ex is continuing to fib.)

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