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Tuesday 24th July 2018 – I Perform Better than 99% of Others on Verbal Reasoning Test, & Better Than 92% of Others for Civil Service Judgement Test

I did 2 x online tests today, for one job application. First, I took the Civil Service Verbal Reasoning Test, and was pleased to perform better than 99% of others who’d taken that test. Then, I took the Civil Service … Continue reading

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Saturday 5th May 2018 – I’ve Just Performed Better Than 99% of Others Who’ve Taken The Civil Service Verbal Reasoning Test

I’ve just worked my way through 2 x Verbal Reasoning Tests, for 2 x different vacancies. I scored better than 99% of others who’ve taken the test for the 1st one, and better than 98% of others for the 2nd … Continue reading

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